Our Staff

The Birth Center has a staff of qualified, licensed, caring professionals. Together, they offer professional and personalized care. The client's preferences, concerns, and questions are listened to and honored. The safety of mother and baby, the comfort and quality of the birth experience, are always the highest priority.

Rosanne Gephart, Certified Nurse Midwife, Director,The Birth Center Sacramento

Rosanne Gephart, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), Director

Rosanne is a certified nurse-midwife, (CNM), nurse practitioner (NP), and board certified lactation consultant, (IBCLC). She has 38 years experience working with mothers and babies in hospitals, birth centers, and homes. Rosanne is the founder of the Santa Rosa Birth Center, (formerly the Womens Health and Birth Center), in Santa Rosa, CA. Rosanne directed one of the first centers in the USA to be designated “Baby Friendly” by the World Health Organization. Rosanne has served in leadership and teaching positions in numerous state and national organizations that serve to promote the excellent care of midwives, birth centers and lactation professionals. She currently works as a midwife, lactation consultant and business consultant for numerous centers.

Ruth Cummings, Certified Nurse Midwife, Director at The Birth Center Sacramento

Dr. Leon Schimmel, OB/GYN, Medical Director

Dr. Leon Schimmel is an OB/GYN practicing in Davis, CA since 1973. He has worked with Nurse Practitioner’s and Certified Nurse Midwives in collaboration since the late 1970’s. He has worked with CNM’s in private practice as well as Communicare Health Centers in Yolo County. He was the OB that began and helped maintain the choices in birth at Sutter Davis Hospital that are both individualized and evidence based. He has supported birth choices for women at home and in birth centers. He supports women and their families to chose safe birth
locations and practices. He currently serves as Associate Medical Director of Women’s Health Services for Communicare Health Centers in Yolo County. Since 2004 he has served as the Medical Director for The Birth Center - Sacramento County’s only state licensed and nationally accredited freestanding birth center.

Janet Carroll, RN, CLC, PCD (DONA), AAHCC, Sacramento Birthing Assistant

Janet Carroll, RN, CLC, PCD (DONA), AAHCC, Director of Nursing

I have been a birth doula since 1988 and a Bradley childbirth instructor and postpartum doula since 1996.  I completed my journey of becoming a Registered Nurse in 2007.  My last certification was 2009 when I became a Certified Lactation Counselor.  

I worked at a local area hospital after graduating from nursing school, however with my background as a doula I quickly found that hospital births were not for me.  I attended a birth at The Birth Center in 2008 and knew I was at home with birth - this was the place for me!  I have been attending many of the births and also providing many of the early follow up home visits with the families for which I attended in labor.

I have two children.  My son, born in 1988, is a married and has one child with another coming.  My daughter, born in 1990, is pursuing her acting career in Los Angeles.  My husband and I have been married since 1987, through which time he has always supported my journey in helping women and their families through their childbearing years.

Jen Rode, Doula

Jen Rode, Doula

I completed my birth and postpartum doula training in 2003 and became DONA certified.   Since 2003  I have attended many of my own private labor clients in Sacramento area hospitals as a doula .  I became a Certified Lactation Counselor in 2009. I started working at The Birth Center in 2010 as a birth assistant and doula.  This was when I experienced the true thrill of natural childbirth.  It is an honor to be part of the journey with these families who choose to birth their babies at The Birth Center.  

In my spare time I love spending time outdoors with my family, cooking, exercising and traveling.



Blanche Skubic, Certified Nurse Midwife at the Sacramento Birth Center

Blanche Skubic, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

I work as an on-call Certified Nurse Midwife at The Birth Center.   I love working in a real free standing birthcenter and being able to really practice the "art" of midwifery.

Amy DeAscentis, Doula

Amy DeAscentis, Doula

I have been a birth doula since 2006 and have loved every second of it. I began my path on becoming a doula, helping friends and single mothers. It was then that I realized I could and wanted to, do this forever. It has since changed the path of what I thought my true career would be. I love being a part of such a thrilling and life changing event.

It has been a pleasure and honor to be able to attend births at The Birth Center. This alone has been an incredible journey.

My husband, of 25 years, is very supportive of my passion for birth. A true treasure he is! We have two children, a girl age 13 and a boy age 12.

When not attending births I enjoy family time, camping, gardening and cooking.

Tegan Fuller, Registered Nurse

Tegan Fuller, Registered Nurse, Board Certifed Lactation Consultant

I received my first degree in bio-psychology from the University of Vermont. After working in the area of research, behavioral modification and counseling, I decided to return to school to pursue my true passion, nursing. I obtained my BSN from the University of Nevada-Reno, and started out as a medical/telemetry nurse.

I too, have always loved babies! As a nursing student, I had a rotation on the labor and delivery unit. My clinical professor was a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). She taught me about the midwifery model of care and since then I have became an avid supporter. I was grateful to join the team at TBC in October 2013. As a nurse at TBC, I get the opportunity to provide individualized care and work one-on-one with families. Today, we are blessed to have choices of where we give birth. The Birth Center is a beautiful place to give birth and an amazing place to work!

As a nurse, I divide my working hours at TBC and the UC Davis Medical Center6


Ruth Lundsten, Birth Assistant

Ruth Lundsten, Birth Assistant

I have been a certified birth doula since 2010. I attended birth doula training through Childbirth Education Specialists and received my birth doula certification from DONA International. In 2013, I attended the Midwife Assistant Workshop at The Farm Midwifery Center in Tennessee with Ina May Gaskin. I have attended my private clients' births at home and in hospitals.

I have been working as a birth assistant and doula at The Birth Center since June of 2013. It is an honor to share in one of the most loving and intimate events in a family's life, the birth of their baby. I am always in awe at the beautiful, natural births I am privileged to assist in at The Birth Center.

I have two wonderful children. My son is a research biologist with Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), and my daughter is Director of Digital Projects at University of Southern California and a freelance writer. I have two grandchildren, Lake and Olive.


Jenny Teresinski, Registered Nurse

Jenny Teresinski, Registered Nurse

My name is Jenny, and I was born and raised here in Sacramento. I decided to become an RN shortly after my second son was born in 2002. I loved the environment and flexibility nursing offered. I began taking classes one at a time, and finally got into nursing school in 2008. During my second semester we had an OB course which focused on hospital birth, but there was one day that semester where we had to go to The Birth Center. Once I arrived at The Birth Center I knew birth could be different. I was in awe of Ruth and her staff. Shortly after that, I became The Birth Center's first volunteer and did a lot of copying and filing. In between the copying and filing they allowed me to attend a birth, and I was even more in awe of this amazing place. I volunteered for about a year during nursing school, but found the demands of nursing school were too much to keep up with, and had to stop helping (for a while). I became a nurse in 2010 and began working at a rehabilitation center for a little over a year until I found a big hospital job. I currently work at Sutter Medcal Center in Labor & Delivery.

My first son was born in 2001 after two inductions, a failed epidural and a long recovery. Breastfeeding was also an issue and I knew then that I never wanted to do that again. Well, 16 months later I had my second son in a hospital after an induction. I tried doing things differently, but didn't know how or what my options were. I had another epidural, and again I had breastfeeding issues. Fast forward many years to 2012 and I am pregnant for the third time. I knew exactly where to go to get the best possible birth experience for us. My third son was born after no induction 9 days after his expected due date. It was an awesome experience. I had no breastfeeding issues and nursed for over a year. That was something I never even dreamed of the first time around. My recovery was amazing and I felt so empowered by this amazing experience.  

Once my third son was 3 months old, I began working here at The Birth Center as an RN. I have now attended multiple births, and hopefully helped women and their families have the birth experience they have always dreamed of.  I have had a fourth baby - a girl this time.  Birth is amazing, a woman's body can do amazing things and I feel honored to be a part of their stories.

I have been married to an amazing man for over 17 years, and he is very supportive of the middle of the night birth calls.