Women who come to The Birth Center experience a high rate of maternal satisfaction with their birth experience...but don't take our word for it! The comments below are taken from cards, gifts, and letters we have received from our TBC mothers. Some are also reviews left on our Facebook page and other websites. They tell you best how they felt about their birth experiences.

Chris, Heather and Eric

by Chris, Heather and Eric

Dear Ruth, Of course and most profoundly, Thank you! I am so happy I found The Birth Center. To me, this place is an oasis in a dry land. Dramatic, I know, but that is how I perceive it. Coming from Portland and Santa Cruz (Chris), the lack of holistic, natural or otherwise “alternative” options for giving birth was a little shocking to me.  Not only were you the only midwife who called me back- you were the only one with a center, tools, amenities, etc..  I am now fully convinced that you are the only care provider I could have had for so many reasons.  I appreciate your open and frank manner.  Contrary to what you saw during labor, I am not typically an emotional person and prefer people who are matter-of-fact and direct. This is what I found when we first met and grilled you to death! I was so pleased to finally have found a home for my care. I was impressed by...

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Hillary, Davis, CA

by Hillary, Davis, CA

Thank you Ruth for your knowledge, patience, caring and skill.  I couldn't ask for better at Oris's birth.  He is a gift!  

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Ashley (Dan, Elvia, and Gabriel), Sacramento

by Ashley (Dan, Elvia, and Gabriel), Sacramento

Ruth, Thank you so much for making our birth experience so amazing.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  The work you do can be under appreciated but it is so vital and I'm so happy we found you.

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Marina Mokrushin

by Marina Mokrushin

Finding out about The Birth Center and transferring my prenatal care to Ruth was the best decision I have ever made for myself and my daughter.  Not knowing about The Birth Center, I started out my care with a regular OBGYN doctor.  While under this doctor’s care, I was constantly being treated as though my pregnancy was a disease.  Instead of focusing on how I should take care of myself, at every appointment that doctor emphasized all the possible complications which could occur in my pregnancy.  I was constantly being kept in a state of worried stress, which was not good for me or my unborn child.  I knew that pregnancy is a natural part of a woman’s life and women have been giving birth naturally for thousands of years, so I began to look for a place which could provide me with a birthing environment where I can feel comfortable and well cared for.  The Birth Center proved to be just that.  Ruth, along with...

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Stacy Navarro

by Stacy Navarro

"It was great to be treated with so much respect and for my birth plan to be adhered to, I really liked their philosophy of no routine IV'S, episiotomies, or fasting! I didn't want to be stuck in a bed with some monitor strapped to me, forced to lay there eating nothing but ice chips!  I had my husband right at my side along with my doula, Maria, who fed me energy bars and o.j. to keep me going throughout my long labor. We videotaped the happy occasion from start to finish, took photos together, had breakfast in bed, and then the entire family took a little nap before going home! It was a wonderful experience, something every woman should be entitled to, truly a great way for a family to be born!"

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Christine Stein, Sacramento

by Christine Stein, Sacramento

"I would like to thank ALL the wonderful staff at The Birth Center for their outstanding contribution to this birth.  I always felt welcomed and taken care of at my check-ups, got my question and concerns answered, and felt like they all really took part in this pregnancy.  As a mom, I felt nurtured and encouraged and I still find some excuse to go and see them every once in a while.  Every time I step  through  the door at The Birth Center, this joyful experience lives up again.  I can only say that everyone who goes there will be in the best care."

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Andrea Edwards, Yuba City

by Andrea Edwards, Yuba City

"I would just have to say that Alison's birth was the most amazing, wonderful experience I've ever had. There was not much pain and my body just did its own thing for the most part—I just followed its lead! I would not want to do this any other way—and I think my husband agrees. He was a little wary at first, and other people scared him with their birth stories, but after going through everything he just couldn't say enough good things! We will definitely be coming back to The Birth Center for our second child in a few years—yay for natural childbirth!!"

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Chelsea, Cool, CA

by Chelsea, Cool, CA

To the Beautiful Women at The Birth Center!  Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for such a beautiful birthing experience.  We wish all women would be open and have an experience such as this!  May you always be here!  Thank you again!!  Peace,  Jim, Chelsea, Lillian and Miles Cash James Power of the World Mollers!

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Susan, Lee & Lucy, Sacramento, CA

by Susan, Lee & Lucy, Sacramento, CA

Dear Ruth,  Thank you so much for making it possible for Lucy Margaret to come into the world safely, without drugs and ready to bond with her parents.  We are deeply grateful for the patience, knowledge, and experience you brought to the birth!  I can't speak for Lucy, but mom and dad feel terifically lucky to be in your care.

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Gladis, Tracy, CA

by Gladis, Tracy, CA

Ruth, We are very grateful that God put us on the way this place to give birth to our son and you were here. Thanks for always making me see that goo is simple and everything would be like had to be.  I felt comfortable because you don't saw us as another client but as people who give life to a new being.  I'm glad that your hands were those who receive our son.  And of course thanks for being patient with my English.  Always take everything you did for us in our hearts.  Oscar, Gladis & Nathan

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Bower2 by Chloe, Ben, and McKenna of Sacramento, CA

by by Chloe, Ben, and McKenna of Sacramento, CA

Dear Ruth, Jen, Janet, Natalie, and everyone who makes The Birth Center a reality for the women of Sacramento and beyond, Myself and my family will never be able to thank you enough for your support and care throughout our experience at The Birth Center. Saying that I am lucky or blessed does not begin to describe my feelings about being your patient. My husband and I knew prior to my pregnancy that we were interested in natural birth for a variety of reasons. Once I became pregnant and had two visits to an obstetrician, I realized that birthing naturally in a hospital under their care was not going to be my ideal birthing experience. I found The Birth Center online and, after my initial group orientation visit, I knew that our birth plan would be recognized and respected and that The Birth Center was where I wanted to have our daughter. Ruth, I enjoy every single appointment with you. You never make me feel like “just...

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The Simpo Family

by The Simpo Family

Thank you for your amazing support during my pregnancy and delivery. You and your staff are awesome! (from a Thank You card)

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Carla, Paul, and Baby Hailey

by Carla, Paul, and Baby Hailey

Dear Ruth, Jen, Janet, Amy, and Larissa,   Paul and I would like to thank every single one of you for all of your hard work. Ruth, I really appreciate everything you have done for me and my daughter Hailey. I am so glad that I decided to come here for the birth of Hailey. You really showed me that you cared about me when you helped me to the bathroom after I had given birth to my daughter and the warm phone call I received from you in the days that followed. Words cannot thank you enough. Jen, I am so glad you were there while I was in labor. Your voice was very calm but firm. This is something that I needed. I will not forget what you said to me when I was in labor. You said, "Carla, you can do this. This is what you wanted... Don't push, listen to Ruth." Your words really helped me more than you know. Janet,...

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Elizabeth, Garry, and Izak Osipov

by Elizabeth, Garry, and Izak Osipov

Thank you for your hard work in making our birth experience an enjoyable and pleasant one. Only in your office have I seen compassion to patients. Thank you for blowing candles with me. :) Your heart is very giving and ours are very grateful. (from a Thank You card)

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Ramona Turbovsky of Sacramento, CA

by Ramona Turbovsky of Sacramento, CA

For high quality well woman care choose midwives. Ruth is great!

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Lisa L. of Carmichael, CA

by Lisa L. of Carmichael, CA

I went to Ruth, the midwife at the birth center for my pregnancy and the birth of my second son, I now see Ruth for all my OBGYN needs, she is such a wonderful knowledgeable midwife! I feel so privileged to live close to the birth center, and receive the personal care Ruth and her staff have to offer. All I can say is how thankfull I am for the birth center and Ruth!

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Kailey L. of Sacramento, CA

by Kailey L. of Sacramento, CA

Ruth is amazing. She is always available to answer any question for you regardless of how big or small and night or day. I love Ruth - she maintains an unparalleled professionalism while still creating a friendly atmosphere. One of my most favorite things about Ruth, though, is that she is intelligent and incredibly passionate about what she does. Those two characteristics together are an unbeatable combination. She knows so much about what she does and she believes in it wholeheartedly. I wouldn't feel comfortable with anyone delivering my child who didn't maintain both of those traits simultaneousy and she does it flawlessly.

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Keira M. of Sacramento, CA

by Keira M. of Sacramento, CA

I had two safe and healthy births here at The Birth Center (2006 & 2010).  I LOVED being able to go home with my babies after only 4 hours stay at the center.  The Birth Center provided a wonderful, private, mother and baby centered birth experience.  I loved being able to nurse my babies right away and having them with me all the time and never whisked away.  I was able to shower and rest and enjoy the new addition to our family knowing that the midwife and her assistant were taking care of everything else and making sure he and I were o.k.  The midwife provided great postpartum care after both of my babies.  She is very concerned and watchful for the mother's emotional well being and connected me with great resources to help me when I struggled with nursing my first.  I can't say enough good about The Birth Center and it's owner / midwife.  I was also really impressed with Jackie and especially...

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Ryan H. of Sacramento, CA

by Ryan H. of Sacramento, CA

Wow what a wonderful experience! We had our first baby at The Birth Center (TBC) last month. The birth was natural and complication-free thanks to the helpful and hardworking staff at TBC. The facility was clean and attractive, and every worry we had was gradually laid to rest. This is a small, but very professional operation for natural births. We plan to have the rest of our children here. If you want a natural birth, we HIGHLY recommend The Birth Center!

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IsaacTestimonial Emily B., Sacramento, CA

by Emily B., Sacramento, CA

Ruth, This baby, Isaac. I love him but he keeps me up at night. Sometimes I pass the time (still) trying to process his recent birth, not only getting the whirlwind of events straight in my head but also trying to sort through my thoughts and feelings on the whole thing. Somewhere along the line I came to feel that a 3.5 x 5-inch store-bought thank-you card was insufficient. I wanted to share with you some of my more recent thoughts on Isaac's birth, which, I have found, are inextricably bound to those of Adam's.  Pregnancy: When I was pregnant with Adam, I had an 8-week appointment with the OB's office nurse to discuss family history, nutrition, and so forth. I remember the nurse, when mentioning breastfeeding, referred me to the kellymom.com website. She said something to the effect of "if you have questions about breastfeeding we'll refer you to this website, so we just instruct you to go to the website first instead of calling us."...

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Deanna & Everett, Auburn, CA

by Deanna & Everett, Auburn, CA

Ruth & The Birth Center, Thank you with all of our hearts for being a part of this miraculous journey!  There isn't another place that we would rather be - what would we do without TBC?  This has been the mot positive experience from beginning to end, and we are so thankful TBC exists.  We recommend your services to everyone and anyone.  We cannot thank all who are involved enough.   Much Love, Deanna, Everett and baby Jackson

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