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Dear Ruth,

Of course and most profoundly, Thank you!

I am so happy I found The Birth Center. To me, this place is an oasis in a dry land. Dramatic, I know, but that is how I perceive it. Coming from Portland and Santa Cruz (Chris), the lack of holistic, natural or otherwise “alternative” options for giving birth was a little shocking to me.  Not only were you the only midwife who called me back- you were the only one with a center, tools, amenities, etc..  I am now fully convinced that you are the only care provider I could have had for so many reasons.  I appreciate your open and frank manner.  Contrary to what you saw during labor, I am not typically an emotional person and prefer people who are matter-of-fact and direct.

This is what I found when we first met and grilled you to death! I was so pleased to finally have found a home for my care. I was impressed by the focus you took on proper prenatal care (nutrition, weight gain, etc.). Chris and I understand how important this is and were happy you felt the same and how you encouraged me to do the right things.

All in all, nothing got too exciting until it was time to rock-n-roll. During labor and birth is where your true strengths were evident. You took everything in stride and when things got tough you remained uncompromising in your care and attention for me and my baby. And this was despite a full day at the office.

I can not tell you how impressed and deeply grateful I am to you for allowing the birth of my son to be such a wonderful and relatively peaceful time for Chris and I. I will forever be a strong advocate of your center and will not hesitate to refer friends to you. The Birth Center outpaced my husband’s and my discriminating expectations in every way and I am certain all others would be equally as happy.

Also please let me know if I can be of assistance with any tax or bookkeeping questions- We know there are a lot of things to worry over when you own your own business. So if there is anything Chris or I can ever do please just call.