by Chloe, Ben, and McKenna of Sacramento, CA

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Posted by by Chloe, Ben, and McKenna of Sacramento, CA .

Dear Ruth, Jen, Janet, Natalie, and everyone who makes The Birth Center a reality for the women of Sacramento and beyond,

Myself and my family will never be able to thank you enough for your support and care throughout our experience at The Birth Center. Saying that I am lucky or blessed does not begin to describe my feelings about being your patient.

My husband and I knew prior to my pregnancy that we were interested in natural birth for a variety of reasons. Once I became pregnant and had two visits to an obstetrician, I realized that birthing naturally in a hospital under their care was not going to be my ideal birthing experience. I found The Birth Center online and, after my initial group orientation visit, I knew that our birth plan would be recognized and respected and that The Birth Center was where I wanted to have our daughter.

Ruth, I enjoy every single appointment with you. You never make me feel like “just another patient”. You always take time to fully explain things to me and your experience and knowledge always put any and all of my worries to rest.

Jen, seeing you prior to every appointment is such a treat. Your advice and emotional support went so far beyond anything that I could have expected, both prior to and throughout my laboring. Natalie was also a great asset and, though we hadn’t met her prior to the big day, she made us feel completely at ease and was a wonderful, calm presence.

Janet, your care during and after McKenna’s arrival was exceptional. You answered any and all questions that we had. There was no doubt in my mind that I was getting the best care possible and the most wonderful part was I got it in my own home!

Though McKenna really waited until the last minute, she must have known how badly I wanted to have her at the Birth Center because she came just in the nick of time. I realize how rare it is that a woman experiences her exact birth plan but I can honestly say that I did. I knew laboring would be hard work and I got to go through that hard work in the most comfortable environment with the most experienced and loving people possible. I really couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience and am forever grateful to you all.

Lots of love,

Chloe, Ben, and McKenna