Keira M. of Sacramento, CA

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Posted by Keira M. of Sacramento, CA .

I had two safe and healthy births here at The Birth Center (2006 & 2010).  I LOVED being able to go home with my babies after only 4 hours stay at the center.  The Birth Center provided a wonderful, private, mother and baby centered birth experience.  I loved being able to nurse my babies right away and having them with me all the time and never whisked away.  I was able to shower and rest and enjoy the new addition to our family knowing that the midwife and her assistant were taking care of everything else and making sure he and I were o.k.  The midwife provided great postpartum care after both of my babies.  She is very concerned and watchful for the mother's emotional well being and connected me with great resources to help me when I struggled with nursing my first.  I can't say enough good about The Birth Center and it's owner / midwife.  I was also really impressed with Jackie and especially with her application of sign language to help deaf or hard of hearing clients.  

I guess the highest compliment I could give is that I would happily return to the Birth Center with future babies.  :)