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Finding out about The Birth Center and transferring my prenatal care to Ruth was the best decision I have ever made for myself and my daughter.  Not knowing about The Birth Center, I started out my care with a regular OBGYN doctor.  While under this doctor’s care, I was constantly being treated as though my pregnancy was a disease.  Instead of focusing on how I should take care of myself, at every appointment that doctor emphasized all the possible complications which could occur in my pregnancy.  I was constantly being kept in a state of worried stress, which was not good for me or my unborn child.  I knew that pregnancy is a natural part of a woman’s life and women have been giving birth naturally for thousands of years, so I began to look for a place which could provide me with a birthing environment where I can feel comfortable and well cared for.  The Birth Center proved to be just that.  Ruth, along with the other staff, were very friendly and approachable.  Ruth took the time to evaluate all details of my laboratory findings, track my weight gain, and make sure to teach me how to eat healthy.  I had all of my questions answered and was treated with kindness and respect.

If any emergency came up, Ruth was always reachable to answer questions and offer help.  During my labor I was allowed to move around freely without being hooked up to any monitors.  I was also able to use the birthing tub to help relieve some of my pain.

Thanks to Ruth’s experience and knowledge I gave birth to a healthy baby girl without any complications.  I would like to that Ruth, Jackie and Theresa for doing such a wonderful job.