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Onsite tours...

Arrive five to ten minutes before your tour time to complete a small amount of paperwork, including a few questions about your health, medications, past pregnancy issues, and current insurance. (Please note: this is strictly an informational interest form only meant for the tour; this is not a New Patient form.) 

We conduct our tours in a group setting. Following the tour, you will be seated in our family room, and the Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) will meet with your group for an informal question and answer session.  She will answer any questions you might have and will usually share about how The Birth Center functions within the greater Sacramento community, especially in relation to hospitals and obstetricians.  

People usually know right after the tour whether The Birth Center is a good fit for them and often want to schedule their first visit at that moment.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate a large group of couples all wanting to do that at once.  We do ask that you inform the front office person whether you would like for us to contact your insurance company to determine how much of your care at The Birth Center will be covered. We will then call you and schedule your first appointment with our Certified Nurse Midwife.

Make a tour appointment by calling The Birth Center or submitting an inquiry below. We look forward to meeting you!